Home Sweet Home

Become a member of the most rewarding furniture club with the new Mandaue Foam Home Card

Avid followers of Mandaue Foam’s furniture collections and home accessories can start the New Year with a sweet surprise—the Mandaue Foam Home Card! As a reward for its loyal followers, Mandaue Foam presents a membership card that gives a lifetime 10% discount for all Mandaue Foam products.

Customers can purchase the card for only P700, and that will be the one and only fee for this membership. Once purchased, the card gives a 10% discount for anything—from sofas to pillows to mattresses. It can be used in any Mandaue Foam store, and it lasts a lifetime!

Home Improvements

Creating a home isn’t something that happens overnight. It takes years for a house to really feel comfortable and lived-in. Whether you’re a family in a beautiful townhouse, or a single businesswoman living the high life in a gorgeous condo, making a home is a lifetime task. You add little knick knacks and personal touches as the years go by—this month get more pillows for the couch, next year get a new sofa. Having a lifetime discount in one of the premier furniture shops of the Philippines will make this process much easier.

Or maybe you’re just bored with your interior. When you walk into your living room everything looks outdated! You can choose to redo your entire home—make it more modern and keep up with the latest decorating trends. Get new tables, chairs and maybe even add a few lamps for better lighting—the redecorating never ends!

The Gift that Keeps Giving

With the influx of affordable housing, many young up and comers are choosing to live on their own. What better gift than a card that will help them start their new life? A Home Card will give them the opportunity to decorate their brand new living spaces in their own style. And it’s theirs for a lifetime! You can shop with them as they buy their first couch, plan out their living room and get great space-saving pieces from Mandaue Foam. And, best of all, there’s no need to rush! Whether its tomorrow or a year from now, the Home Card is a gift that never stops giving.

Whether for yourself, or as a gift for a friend, the Mandaue Foam Home Card is there for a lifetime, giving all you need to create a better and more beautiful home.

Home Card